The Decision

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There is a point in all entrepreneurs careers when they have to make the decision to sign on the dotted line and commit fully to their venture. Well that decision is right around the corner for me, and will be a decision I have to make within the next couple of months. When thinking about your venture, well more like obsessing, you only tend to look at the goods. You think how much money current businesses in the market make a year, the amount of clients they have, and the number of services they perform. These are all generally good things that lead to profit and success so its easy to get wrapped around them. It takes a talk with a specific someone to get your head back on straight, and that’s with your family, specifically your mother.

After thinking of ways I can make money with this business, expanding services, adding different types of customers, offering deals, it wasn’t until a phone call from my mom to get me to realize I am still a young immature entrepreneur. A quick call points out topics such as weather and seasonal issues with the business, overhead costs, partner agreements, and what is my exit strategy. Where I was caught looking at only the positives it took a phone call from my mom to get me back in my lane focused on my new problems that need to be overcome to be successful. I’m not saying my mom convinced me not to go with my business idea, she just pointed me in a realistic direction I hadn’t considered yet, and honestly her words of wisdom will help me perfect my business plan and will shed light on areas I haven’t covered yet.

With this comes revisions to my current business plan, which will only make it stronger. Although she did have valid points, she forgot that this business can be sold by word of mouth. Where the times might be running slow with little customers, in this business all it takes is a phone call to some known clients and some deals to get your business back booming in the times its usually doesn’t. This has also brought my attention to areas of the business that can be utilized to make tons of money that haven’t been used yet. Expanding services to boats is an idea I have, we could perform all the same services as we do on a car but this time it would be your boat that is spotless clean when its done at my shop. With corrections comes new ideas, and that’s what it means to be an entrepreneur. Finding the ways that work, to sell your product or services to the public who want/need them.


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