Getting Started

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One thing all entrepreneurs face in the beginning stages of creating a venture is the business plan. A business plan tells your reader what your business is about, what you offer, and what you want. This is what brings home the business loans, and is what you show future investors. But where do you start? For me when I think of my venture I see the business plan in my head. Its neatly written in perfect order with sufficient detail and is lengthy in page numbers. This isn’t the case when I sit down to start writing though. Once I get to the computer to start typing, it seems like I can’t find the words, it doesn’t seem professional, or its just short of information.

So what can I do to fix this problem? I can take classes on how to write a business plan, I can Google business plans and try to copy one online however with my specific details, or I could pay a professional to create this plan. With these three options has come some research, classes aren’t offered during summer to write business plans so that is out the door, however ENT 492/493 do teach entrepreneurs how to make a business plans at UNR. Second would be go to the internet, with the internet its interesting because you have a perfect copy in front of you and its hard not to imitate it, you have totally lost all personal pieces of your writing when your using the same technique someone else already did. The last option is to have a professional create it, and its what I am leaning more towards. Having a professional create your business plan is interesting, it takes a couple meetings of talk and research before he can finally start your plan. It will cost between $1,500-3,000 after our meeting he will give me the quote. If I agree it will take him about a month, to do the proper research and to get the business plan created. By the end of the month the professional will present the plan to me and if I like it then I will accept it and will start taking it to investors. If there are problems with the plan than revisions will occur which are covered in the terms of agreement with the professional.

Although I am leaning towards having someone write my business plan who has written many successful business plans before. I feel lazy and almost like a cheat, like I said he has written hundreds of business plans for people in the past, and this is his own personal business/career, but does that make it right? If I didn’t create my own business plan, would the business be truly mine or should I thank my success to my “ghost writer”. The thought has been in the back of my mind for some time now, and its the last decision I will need to make before I am on my way.


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