Opportunities Knockin’

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Since I have started this blog I have had two ventures that I would be interested in pursuing in the back of my mind. The first is an tourist excursion I blogged about called Alaskan Adventure Excursions, and the second was a small food shack idea that would sell only authentic Alaskan treats to tourist during the tourist season. With both those ideas have come lots of thought and planning, fairly certain I would pursue one or the other after I graduated from school. After talking with my family about both possibilities I had their full support in whatever decision I made. The only difference between both ventures was price. One excursion would take a business loan around $200,000-500,000 while the other excursion would need a loan of about $50,000.

When I was going over my options its obvious that the business that would cost $200,000-500,000 is the least likely to happen. I don’t have a rich uncle off somewhere in the lower 48, and a business loan that size is kind of frightening. So I was set on the food shack idea, the overhead is low, its an authentic Alaskan treat sought after by tourist, it has a lot of potential. The shack would be a bagel shack that services Alaskan salmon and crab on the bagels. I could purchase my fish from local Taku Fisheries, which has the freshest salmon in the world. Getting ready to finish up with school I have planned to open my shack by tourist season 2016. So far my father and sister were on board to help me with the operations, my dad is a finance officer so he will be taking care of the financials and my sister came up with the idea so she is part owner. The plan is set, my sister will take bagel making classes in New York, I am creating the business plan to pitch to our investor, everything seemed to be going slowly but smoothly.

It wasn’t until a couple nights ago that I got a call from my dad with an opportunity that presented itself. Living in the small town of Juneau Alaska, business is minimal and there tons of opportunity to entering markets to compete with the leaders. My dads friend is working for his fathers business which is a car company, this company is the leader in its specific industry in our town and is very profitable. With money comes problems, the owners son who manages and runs the operation isn’t getting treated fairly and is interesting in starting a new operation. Looking for partnership he approached my dad, who automatically referred him to me. I have known about the company and its success for many years and have been interested in getting a job with them in the past. All this has happened pretty fast and I’m more than excited to pursue it.

Now I’m on the brink of starting my own operation with a partner who is respected and known around the community, I can’t help to feel immature about my actions. I had put so much time into the my first two ventures, one of which I completely scratched from the drawing board, only to drop everything again and start a new one. It feel like I’m not being loyal to myself, however when an opportunity like this presents itself I couldn’t imagine the amount of regret I would feel if I decided to pass it up. So if an opportunity presents itself, take it, a life of regret isn’t much of a life at all.


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