Success Story: Bering Sea Crab Fisherman’s Tour

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Earlier in my blog I made a post about a possible tourist excursion I was interested in starting in Juneau, AK. The excursion would be called Alaska Adventure Excursions: Crabbing Excursion, and would consist of a two hour tour on Juneau open waters, pulling crab pots with tourists giving them an authentic experience of what its like to crab fish in the last frontier. When creating this idea for an excursion one of my researchers found direct competition with my idea located in Ketchikan Alaska.

Bering Sea Crab Fisherman’s Tour has been a very successful excursion out of Ketchikan AK, supposedly ranked the number one excursion for tourist out of their port.Their excursion idea is identical to mine, they based their excursion of the show deadliest catch. Some early key success factors Bering Sea Crab had was the use of popular equipment and personal. Bering Sea Crab was able to purchase a boat that was damaged on the show of deadliest catch, they also hire ex deadliest catch members to work their excursions during the summer. That is pretty cool when the guy running your tour fished in the Bering sea on Deadliest Catch, very hard to compete with.

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As of now Bering Sea Crab offers a 3 hour tour that holds up to 50 passengers. With this size boat and the amount of passengers they can carry allows for them to have huge revenue from each trip. There are some negative aspects of their excursion that tourist have made comments about online. For instance tourists don’t like how the excursion is like a Broadway show, with stadium seating and a fence keeping you back from the actual fishing. The tourist also commented that they didn’t like how Bering Sea Crab fed the eagles with dead fish to get them closer for pictures. Lots of people from the lower 48 think that its wrong to bait animals like that. With that being said, Bering Sea Crab Fisherman’s tour does have sold out tours a majority of the time. Although there are some negatives most tourist think the excursion is magnificent and recommend it to other tourist.

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Although this excursion is already proven to be successful I feel that their are some things they can do to accommodate peoples requests. Tourist don’t want to sit and watch something they watch on T.V. they want to experience it, touch it, and get their hands dirty. You could also add different aspects to your tour, for instance promote whale watching or some sort of viewing from the excursion as well to make the tourist feel like they got more for their money. The tourist industry is all about giving an excursion people will love that they feel was worth their money, when you have these features then the tour will sell itself and word will go around about your business.

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