Kake Oyster Farm Apprenticeship

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In the world of entBJB_oyster1repreneurship apprenticeship are hard to come by, unless your working for a venture capitalist firm, a young entrepreneur has limited options when first starting out in their careers other then their own business ideas. I feel more apprenticeships should be offered in the real world, as of now it just seems like construction or physical labor jobs are the only ones that offer apprenticeships, while college students sit in classes learning from books. If college students could spend more time in the field practicing what they will be doing in their career they would be much more prepared then studying for a test which won’t be remembered.

Although I don’t agree with the 21st century teaching methods, and believe that apprenticeships should be utilized more in every field. I did put in my time in the classroom to earn my degree. Now with no experience in business other than university classes, I am forced to enter the workforce with my management degree and an entrepreneurial mindset.

As I’ve said in my previous posts I plan on going back to Alaska to pursue some sort of business in the tourism industry. Having my mind set on the water, owning water life excursions such as Alaska Adventure Excursions that would do crabbing trips with tourist, I was doing some research about neighboring competition and found an apprenticeship program for young Alaskans. Its call the Kake Oyster Farm Apprenticeship Program, located in Kake Alaska. The program was creastedman1ted by the regional shellfish farming industry, and the community of Kake. The program gets entrepreneurs who are interested in making money locally, to complete a three year program which ends with a business loan to get your Oyster farm up and running.

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In order to have a successful oyster farm you a channel of the ocean, which is like a small enclosure that still allows the ocean through, with a river running to this body of water (ocean). TAU9885You can either farm oyster via water or beach, living in Juneau we have plenty of open rocky beaches that have rivers running through them. There would be plenty of places to start an operation. The largest producer in Kake Alaska pulls in about $350,000.00 a year in revenue.

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Although that is a lot of money, I feel the lower 48 demand our products much more than that. With a full functioning farm in Juneau you should be able to double the numbers of a Kake oyster farm. There is also an advantage about living in Juneau, we have an international airport that can ship our products directly to states or international customers. Kake Alaska is a very small village south of Juneau about an hour 5-seater aircraft flight. Having to ship the oysters to Juneau alone cost a ton of money. We however will be cutting out this expensive being able to ship through Alaska airlines freight planes. This is a very realistic program to complete with the perfect opportunity to start your own business. Its safe to say I will be checking out Kake Alaska upon my return to the last frontier.

Call to Action: Have you ever had fresh Alaskan Oysters? Please leave your comments below.



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