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Working many different jobs over the years has brought one very iKeys-to-success-1mportant aspect of work to my attention, training. This is a place most businesses struggle and a portion of business entrepreneurs don’t usually think about. Throwing new employees into the mix and telling them to “figure it out” doesn’t work anymore, and never actually has. Having unprepared employees working hurts not only the company’s image but it also costs the company money and this needs to change.

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Looking over past experience I tried to figure out what factors made training so difficult for me, and why I struggled with learning new tasks. I narrowed it down to a couple of reasons that happened to me; first reason I could think of is that the person training the new employee doesn’t enjoy the task. Have you ever got a new job and when being trained your coworker training you gets frustrated or annoyed with you? They don’t consider the fact that they are basically experts at what they are doing and forget that you haven’t done it at all. This can be demoralizing when trying to get the hang of the flow of the operation. Next reason I considered was that the employee isn’t given sufficient time to be trained. Employers throwing their new hires on the front line doesn’t help anything, it makes the new hire feel overwhelmed and will make them think twice about showing up for their second day of work.

After reading Small business trends blog, I came across an article that give tips for training employees of small businesses. Small business trends article also had a couple of the tips I found especially true and they are listed below:

Tip 1: Use online training courses

After all its 2015, we have come a long way from only using one method to train employees. Online training has been proven to work and is easy to do. Providing your employees with online training course videos you can make sure all the bases are covered and guarantee that each employee is aware of their tasks. This also makes it so no other employee has to spend time training new hires.

Tip 2: Use good employees as trainers

This is the best tip of them all, companies should always use employees who want to train to conduct the training. Like I stated above, its very obvious when an employee doesn’t want to train a new hire, it hurts both the company and the new hire feelings about work. Entrepreneurs should always keep an eye out for employees who are happy and enthusiastic about their jobs as potential trainers.   They will be the ones helping your new employee get to the level of work you wTrainingant.

Tip 3: Set measurable training goals

Setting goals that can measure an employees training is a great idea. For instance setting a goal such as “learn the register by Friday” gives the employee the exact amount of time they have to learn the task, and is an indicator on how quick of a learner they are. Setting goals give the new hire something to work towards rather than giving them time to avoid work or feel lost. With a measuring system you know      exactly where you stand.                                                              Photo Credit: Training

I felt that these tips were especially useful for entrepreneurs and small business owners alike. Training is something executives never really think about and is a part of your business that directly affects profit although you may not know it. Weaker employees don’t make the sales as stronger employee therefore loosing money for the business. However if you follow these tips, you will one step closer to having a perfect business.

Call to Action: What training techniques have helped you learn a new job? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section.


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