NEW VENTURE IDEA: Alaskan Adventure Excursions

Alaskan Adventure Excursions LOGO Working in the tourism industry most of my life, I have grown accustom to the tourist season and the money my city and company profits from it. On a cold winter day, sitting on a bucket goose hunting in the middle of the Mendenhall wetland refuge, an idea came to me. What is something many American have in common although the may not know each other? Television, T.V. channels are basically the same throughout the country, hosting the same shows that millions of Americans tune in to watch each and every week. So if I wanted to create a successful business, specifically a tourist excursion, I should base it on a T.V. show that millions of American’s watch, and will likely recognize once they get off the cruise ship in Alaska.

After discussing the idea with my father, he said “why not base it off deadliest catch, everyone watches that show.” He was exactly right, tons of people watch deadliest catch and think of crabbing when they hear Alaskan fishing. So the idea grew, an excursion that gives tourist the same experience of crabbing as they see on T.V..

For the business to be successful I would need to purchase a boat that’s over 50’ long that can hold up to 30 passengers. I plan on running my operation out of Auke Bay Alaska, shuttling the tourist from downtown Juneau. Once they arrive at the dock they will be loaded onto the boat where there will be fresh smoked salmon and beverages. We will take off from Auke Bay Harbor in which the passengers will see Alaska’s natural beauty via boat on our approach to the first set of crab pots. On the ride out to the first string of crab pots, we will bait empty crab pots on the boat to replace with the pots we pull from the first string. Once we get to the string we will have a passenger throw the hook, retrieving the pot like they do in the show “deadliest catch”. Once the pots are pulled we will show the passengers our catch allowing them to take pictures, then they will release the crab back into the ocean. The boat would continue onto two more strings in which the passengers will do the same things alternating fishing positions.northwestern_underway1

The tour will take the approximately 2 hours and will cost around $160.00 per person. All the necessary gear will be provided along with a shuttle to and from the ship. As stated above food and beverages will be available. Alaskan adventure excursions would hope to have three tours a day, averaging 15 passengers minimum a tour.                                                                                         Photo credit: Northwestern

CALL TO ACTION: What do you think of this business idea? Would you be interesting in purchasing a ticket to participate in this excursion? Please leave your response in the comments section.


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