Tidal Vision Coming Soon!

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Here are pictures of the wallets: Photo Credit 


Welcome to the Alaskan Entrepreneur, this is a blog bringing you information on new upcoming businesses in Alaska and what they have to offer. Alaska has a population of 736,732 residents, striving in the natural resources and tourism industries. We will be discussing current businesses and possible business plans that would succeed in the last frontier in these markets and many others. We will also discuss companies we don’t think would make it and what they could have done to turn their operations around. I will also discuss my personal business plans, and will share with you the process I take in creating this business.

Our first company is Tidal Vision, created by founded Craig Kasberg out of Juneau, AK. Craig has found a way to recycle the fish our fishermen bring into our port, and to turn that salmon using their skin into leather and other clothes. I welcome you, Alaskan Salmon Leather. Completely green and safe to use and wear, Salmon leather cold potentially be a huge product in the clothing market. Not only does it look clean, smell fresh, and is durable, like I said it is 100% recycled and supports sustainable Alaskan fisheries. The leather products being made so far are wallets and phone cases, Tidal Vision is also creating shirts and socks out of recycled crag shells. Tidal Vision offers their products in a variety of colors and sizes. The company joined kickstarter, making their goal of being funded in 24 hours.

Picture of salmon leather: Photo Credit


Photo Credit



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